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Gerald Zabulon

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Ecole Normale Supérieure
46 rue d’Ulm,
75005 Paris,

Phone : (33 (0) 144 32 35 23
Fax : (33) (0) 144 32 39 35
E-mail : zabulon chez

• Ingénieur d’Etudes 1ère Classe de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure

• BOURBOUSSE C., AHMED I., ROUDIER F., ZABULON G., BLONDET E., BALZERGUE S., COLOT V., BOWLER C. and BARNECHE F. Histone H2B monoubiquitination facilitates the rapid modulation of gene expression during Arabidopsis photomorphogenesis. PLoS Genetics (2012)

• BRAZARD J., LEY C., LACOMBAT F., PLAZA P., MONY L., HEIJDE M., ZABULON G., BOWLER C. Photoantenna in Two Cryptochrome-Photolyase Proteins from O. tauri : Presence, Nature and Ultrafast Photoinduced Dynamics. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology. 234 (2012) 135-145

• CASTELLS E., MOLINIER J., BENVENUTO G., BOURBOUSSE C., ZABULON G., ZALC A., CAZZANIGA S., GENSCHIK P., BARNECHE F., AND C. BOWLER. The conserved factor DE-ETIOLATED 1 cooperates with CUL4-DDB1DDB2 to maintain genome integrity upon UV stress. EMBO J. (2011) 30 : 1162-72.

• HEIJDE M., ZABULON G., CORRELOU F., ISHIKAWA T., BRAZARD J., USMAN A., PLAZA P., M. MARTIN, A. FALCIATORE, T. TODO, F-Y. BOUGET, C. BOWLER. Characterization of two members of the Cryptochrome / PhotolyaseFamily from Ostreococcus tauri gives insight in the origin and evolution
of cryptochromes. Plant, Cell and Environment (2010) 33, 1614-1626

• BRAZARD J., USMAN A, LACOMBAT F., LEY C, MARTIN M M ., PLAZA P, MONY L., HEIJDE M., ZABULON G., BOWLER C. Spectro-Temporal Characterization of the Photoactivation Mechanism of Two New Oxidized Cryptochrome/Photolyase Photoreceptors. Journal of the American Chemical Society. ( 2010 ) 132, 4935-4945

• A USMAN, J BRAZARD, M M. MARTINA, P PLAZA,* M HEIJDE, G ZABULON, C BOWLER. Spectroscopic Characterization of a (6-4) Photolyase Isolated from the Green Alga Ostreococcus tauri. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology (2009)

• ZABULON G., RICHAUD C., GUIDI-RONTANI C, and. THOMAS J.C. NblA gene expression in Synechocystis PCC 6803.strains lacking DspA (Hik33) and a NblR-like protein. Current Microbiology (2007) jan ; 54 (1) : 36-41

• LUQUE I., ALFONSO ANDUJAR,., LINJ JA, , ZABULON G., N TANDEAU de MARSAC ENRIQUE FLORES and. HOUMARD J. Regulated expression of glutamyl-tRNA sythethase is directed by a mobile genetic element in the
cyanobacterium tolypothrix PCC7601. Mol Microbiol (2006) Jun ;60(5):1276-88.

• ZABULON G. and GUIDI-RONTANI C. L’anthrax : Bacillus anthracis et comment le combattre. Diffusions du Savoir, Ecole Normale Supérieure, (2004)

• LUQUE I., OCHOA DE ALDA ; RICHAUD C. ; ZABULON G ;. THOMAS J.C. and HOUMARD J. The nblA1 protein from the filamentous cyanobacterium tolypothrix PCC7601:regulation of its expression and interactions with phycobilisome components. Mol Microbiol. (2003) ; 50 (3), 1043-1054

• LUQUE I, CONTRERAS A ., ZABULON G.,HERRERO A, and HOUMARD J. Expression of the glutamyl-tRNA synthetase gene from the cyanobacterium Synechococcus. Sp. PCC 7942.depends on nitrogen availability and the global regulator NtcA. Mol Microbiol. (2002) ; 46 (4), 1157-1167

• LUQUE I, ZABULON G., CONTRERAS A ., and HOUMARD J. Convergence of two global transcriptional regulators on nitrogen induction of the stress- acclimation gene nblA in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus. Sp. PCC 7942. Mol Microbiol. (2001) Aug ;41 (4) : 937- 47.

• RICHAUD C., ZABULON G., JODER A and THOMAS J.C. Nitrogen or Sulfur Starvation Differentially Affects Phycobilisome Degradation and Expression of the nblA Gene in Synechocystis Strain PCC 6803. J Bacteriol. (2001) May ; 183 (10) : 2989- 94

• RICHAUD C. and ZABULON G. The heme oxygenase gene (pbsA) in the red alga Rhodella violacea is discontinuous and transcriptionally activated during iron limitation. Proc.Nat.Acad.Sci.USA (1997) 94 : 11736-11741.

• LICHTLE C., GARNIER F., BERNARD C., ZABULON G., SPILAR A., THOMAS J.C. and ETIENNE A.L. Differential transcription of phycobiliprotein components in Rhodella violacea : Nitrogen- and light-dependent steady-state level and stability of transcripts encoding phycobilisome components in Rhodella violacea.
Plant Physiol. (1996) 112 : 1045-1054.

• LEMOINE Y., DANG D..K., PHAN P.A. ZABULON G. and THOMAS J.C. Influence of salinity on the growth rates and on pigment and protein contents of Spirulina and Spirulina platensis. Bulletin de L’Institut Oceanographique de Monaco, (1993), 12 : 77-87.