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Séminaires bioinfo

Toutes les deux semaines le jeudi à 11h en salle Favard (46, rue d’Ulm), en dehors des vacances, la plateforme de bioinformatique et l’équipe "Bio-imagerie Computationnelle et Bioinformatique" organisent un séminaire de bioinformatique (les thèmes abordés sont l’algorithmie, la méthodologie, la technologie, le développement de programmes, un travail en cours, etc.).

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Séminaires à venir

10/10 N. Lehmann IBENS TBA

Séminaires passés



19/09 L. Bellenger ARTbio A galaxy tool suite to analyse Single cell RNAseq data
29/08 R. Bricout IBENS Automatic genome annotation using deep learning
20/06 W. Santana
L. De Oliveira
Enhancing motif discovery approach to discover refined DNA binding motifs involved in the early development of Drosophila embryos
Caractérisation et simulation de la mécanique de coupure de la transposase Tn5 lors de la technique ATAC-seq
13/06 E. Jean IBENS Vitesses de déplacement des fourches de réplication de l’ADN, obtenues par séquençage Nanopore
23/05 A. Naldi IBENS "High level" programming languages : compromises and hidden costs
11/04 C.-A. Azencott Curie Institute Feature selection in high-dimensional data sets, with applications to precision medicine
04/04 Bioinformatics Club Code reproducibility/reusability
21/03 B. Jagla Pasteur Single cell RNAseq data analysis using an extendable shiny app
21/02 M. Bahin IBENS Bioclust & HTCondor : computing cluster at IBENS
07/02 J. Guegan ICM BISTAR : A pipeline for the identification of CpG differentially methylated regions from bisulfite sequencing data



13/12 C. Bon MNHN Challenges in NGS analyses of ancient DNA
08/11 Bioinformatics Club Publishing in bioinformatics
11/10 Y. Dufresne Pasteur 64 BPM (64 bits Beautiful Pattern Matching) : When engineering outperform research algorithms
21/06 F. Habibolahi
G. Delevoye
Analysis and Interpretation of short time series gene expression data in the case of Listeria monocytogenes infection
Analyse de la méthylation de l’ADN par séquençage PacBio : résolution molécule unique, brin unique, nucléotide unique chez Paramecium tetraureliae
15/06 H. El Jazouli
G. Brelurut
IBENS Single-cell transcriptional analysis (Drop-Seq & SMART-Seq2 protocols) using the workflow engine Eoulsan
Evaluation, intégration et application à des données de cellules immunitaires d’outils d’analyse pour le scRNA-Seq
31/05 B. Laffay IBENS Développement d’outils d’analyse de données RNA-Seq dédiés à la technlogie Oxford Nanopore
17/05 A. Gailliègue MNHN Automatic reconstruction from skeleton point clouds of MNHN Galleries
19/04 G. Louvel IBENS Hypothesis testing with a phylogeny : the challenge of accounting for phylogenetic non-independence (part 2)
05/04 Bioinformatics Club Notebooks
22/03 G. Louvel IBENS Hypothesis testing with a phylogeny : the challenge of accounting for phylogenetic non-independence (part 1)
08/03 Bioinformatics Club Python pandas library
08/02 N. Menezes IBENS High throughput imaging of replicating DNA using Nanochannel technology
25/01 M. Bahin IBENS Bioclust & HTCondor : computing cluster at IBENS
11/01 A. Teissandier Curie Institute Analysis of transposable elements within heterogeneous NGS data



07/12 B. Noel IBENS When make meets Python : building bioinformatic pipelines with Snakemake
23/11 M. Cadix Curie Institute 3-SMART : Bioinformatic analysis of intronic polyadenylation regulation
09/11 A. Kramdi IBENS ATAC-seq technique and data analysis
19/10 T. Cokelear Pasteur Institute Sequana : a set of flexible genomics pipelines for processing and reporting NGS analysis
28/09 L. Moyon
F. Delestro
Predict me if you can : the 80k 2D plots classification challenge
14/09 O. Ait-Mohamed IBENS PacBio data analyses : studying DNA modification
22/06 B. Ameline
A. de France
Toward a functional map of the human germline genome
Analyse génétique des TEs chez A. thaliana par l’exploitation du ’1001 Genomes’ Project
15/06 A. Birer
L. Ferrato
IBENS Développement d’un outil pour l’analyse de run MinIon
RNA-Seq pipeline for nanopore data analysis : Toullig
01/06 N. Lehmann IBENS Analysis of the diversity of human plasmacytoid pre-dendritic cells (pDC) at a single-cell level
04/05 S. Lemoine IBENS MinION : analyses first steps and pitfalls
20/04 F. Delestro IBENS Dealing with images : formats and tools for quality results
30/03 N. Lomenie LIPADE Tissue analysis with graphs
16/03 M. Elati Genopole Reconstruction and interrogation of regulatory networks
02/03 I. Ionita-Laza Columbia University Predicting tissue-specific functional effects of noncoding variation
02/02 M. Bahin IBENS Introduction to bioclust and Condor
19/01 F. Delestro IBENS Jupyter Notebook
05/01 V. D. Bohler IFB-core Cyber Strategy for Life Sciences Data at the French Institute of Bioinformatique



Date Speaker(s) Team Title
08/12 L. Jourdren
C. Hernandez
Eoulsan new features for RNA-seq and ChIP-seq analyses
24/11 A. Ghozlane Pasteur Institute SHAMAN : a shiny application for metagenomic analysis
10/11 L. Martignetti
L. Calzone
Institut Curie ROMA : Pathway-Based Analysis of Multi-omics data for tumour subtypes classification
20/10 A. Renault IBENS A new interface to monitor bioclust activity
15/09 B. Noel IBENS ALFA : Annotation Landscape For Aligned reads
23/06 G. Brelurut IBENS Single Cell RNA-Seq data analysis
09/06 N. Menezes
G. Louvel
Improvement of DNA molecule detection using NGM technology
Duplicate genes and adaptation in Vertebrates
26/05 M. Gautier
C. Michaud
Epigenome dynamics during root cell differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana
Extension d’un workflow d’analyse de ChIP-seq et comparaison de protocoles expérimentaux
12/05 L. Moyon IBENS Biological network analysis : using Python ’igraph’ and ’networkx’
14/04 A. Louis IBENS Genomicus : fast and intuitive comparative genomics in eukaryotes
31/03 Q. Viautour IBENS Comparison of absolute quantification methods for high throughput qPCR Data
17/03 S. Collombet IBENS Chromatin Conformation Capture data analysis
18/02 V. Boeva Institut Curie Computational analysis of epigenetic landscape and chromatin states in cancer
04/02 G. Rigaill URGV Constrained segmentation and supervised penalty learning for peak detection in Chip-seq
21/01 G. Cottrell MERIT Introduction aux tests statistiques : fondements et discussion sur quelques contre-vérités et écueils courants (video)
07/01 Y. Clément IBENS Hidden Markov Models : detecting regions under selection in phylogenetics



10/12 M. Thomas-Chollier IBENS Using RSAT for cis-regulatory element analyses
26/11 M.-L.
URGV Differential analysis of RNA-seq data : method comparison with synthetic data
12/11 M. Bahin IBENS Condor : usage and new configuration
15/10 L. Bastianelli IBENS Using bioclust to optimize peak detection parameters for CLIP-seq
08/10 L. Jourdren IBENS Eoulsan 2 : Facilitating expansion to new NGS tools and execution platforms
17/09 S. Perrin IBENS Aozan : Management de séquenceur Nextseq et validation de l’application par test d’intégration
25/06 B. Noël
Q. Viautour
Pipeline d’analyse de Ribosome Profiling pour comparer la traduction de deux contextes cellulaires
Nouvelle méthode d’analyse adaptée au haut débit pour la PCRq
11/06 S. Floc’hlay
L. Moyon
Logical modelling of the regulatory network governing Dorsal-Ventral axis specification in the sea urchin P. Lividus
Regulatory circuits in the human genome from enriched motifs in putative enhancers of co-regulated genes
28/05 M. Bahin IBENS DAGMan : a meta-scheduler for Condor
30/04 L. Al-Shikhley IBENS Genome-wide pathway
analysis : the example of GSEA method
16/04 M. van den Beek UPMC Reproducible research using Galaxy, Docker and the Tool factory
02/04 J. Lucas IBENS A custom python API to launch condor jobs
19/03 A. Rastogi IBENS GFF-Ex : A Genome feature extraction package
05/03 C. Hernandez IBENS Wrapping your own tool in Galaxy : an introduction
19/02 L. Jourdren IBENS Docker : The next big thing in application deployment ?
05/02 J. Lucas
L. Tittmann
IBENS Magsimus : simulating genome evolution during millions of years
22/01 C. Hernandez IBENS Generating dynamic documents (in R) with knitR
08/01 J. Scheiber BioVariance Analyzing Next generation sequencing data – What to get out of it ?



Date Speaker(s) Team Title
11/12 F. Delestro IBENS Setting up a Virtual Environment together with an IPython Notebook workspace
27/11 E. Bernard Mines Fast isoform detection from RNA-Seq data with network flow techniques
16/10 S. Collombet IBENS ECCB 2014 : panorama of new softwares for the analysis of RNA isoforms from RNAseq
02/10 E. Del Nery Institut Curie The BioPhenics screening facility, an exploration of opportunities and challenges facing image-based phenotypic discovery
18/09 V. Sibut Institut Curie How do IPA can help you to discover the interactions between signaling pathways in cancer from omics data
26/06 A. Lermine Institut Curie Galaxy
19/06 P.-M. Chiaroni IBENS Computational analysis of ChIP-seq datasets to decipher the role of epigenetic factors in bone formation
12/06 F. Rose IBENS Développement d’algorithmes et d’outils d’analyse d’image pour l’étude de facteurs impliqués dans l’orientation de la division des cellules eucaryotes
05/06 M. Kassam IBENS Introduction of Galaxy at the Computational biology and Bioinformatics platform of IBENS
15/05 A. Louis IBENS The computing cluster of the bioinformatic and computational biology platform at IBENS
03/04 P. Hupé Institut Curie Bioinformatics for Operational Personalized Medicine in Oncology : application to the SHIVA clinical trial
20/03 P.
Institut Curie Managing microscopic image life cycle from acquisition to archiving, and including analysis : experience from Curie Data Center
06/03 F. de Chaumont Pasteur Institut Icy
06/02 S. Lemoine IBENS Comptage de lectures en fonction des annotations (par gene, par transcrit, ...)
23/01 L. Jourdren IBENS Eoulsan : High Throughput Sequencing Data Analysis at Genomic Paris Centre
09/01 S. Perrin IBENS Aozan : An automated post sequencing data processing pipeline



Date Speaker(s) Team Title
20/12 J. Ibn-Salem Max Planck Institute ChIP-exo data analysis for detecting protein-DNA interactions with high resolution
12/12 P. Mailly College de France OMERO : an open-source software for the storage and manipulation of biological microscopy data
28/11 A. Danckaert Pasteur Institute Image in Microscopy : From Analysis to Statistics
14/11 S. Collombet IBENS Circos, a visualization tool for genomic data

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