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Ongoing Collaborations

  • Yann Guiguen, Julien Bobe (INRA, Rennes) :

GenoFish : Comparative genomics of actinopterygian fish genomes

  • Alain Chédotal (Institut de la Vision, Paris) :

AxoDevo : Evolution of axonal guidance

  • David FitzPatrick (MRC Edinburg) :

Neuroxsys : identification of non-coding mutations in a cohort of exome-negative patients affected with X-linked intellectual disabilities

  • Willem Ouwehand, Lucy Raymond, Kathy Stirrups (University of Cambridge, UK) and the NIHR BioResource- Rare Diseases consortium.

WGS10K : analysis of non-coding variants in >10.000 human genomes from patients with rare diseases.

  • Vincent Daubin, Eric Tannier (Université Lyon 1 and CNRS) and the Ancestrome consortium.

Ancestrome : reconstructing the evolutionary history of genes and genomes

  • Patrick Lemaire (Université de Montpellier and CNRS).

Comparative genomics of ascidian genomes

  • Hector Escriva (CNRS outstation at Banyuls), Marc Robinson-Rechavi (Université de Lausanne) and the Branchiostoma lanceolatum genome consortium

Comparative genomics of the European amphioxus genome.

  • Morgane Thomas-Chollier (IBENS, Paris)

RSATicus : integrating RSAT and Genomicus for TFBS motif analysis across multiple genomes.

  • Patrick Charnay, Pascale Gilardi-Hebenstreit, Patrick Torbey (IBENS, Paris)

In vivo analysis of enhancer-gene regulatory interaction in zebrafish development using CRISP-Cas9.