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Molecular parallelisms between pigmentation in the avian iris and the integument of ectothermic vertebrates.
Andrade P, Gazda MA, Araújo PM, Afonso S, Rasmussen JA, Marques CI, Lopes RJ, Gilbert MTP, Carneiro M
PLoS Genet. 2021 Feb 23. 17(2):e1009404.

Thermal and pH stabilities of i-DNA : confronting in vitro experiments with models and in-cell NMR data.
Cheng M, Qiu D, Tamon L, Ištvánková E, Víšková P, Amrane S, Guédin A, Chen J, Lacroix L, Ju H, Trantírek L, Sahakyan AB, Zhou J, Mergny JL
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2021 Feb 18.

Sensitivity to perturbations of a cell migration under temporal regulation.
Dubois C, Gupta S, Mugler A, Félix MA
Development. 2021 Feb 16.

Dynamics of Ku and bacterial non-homologous end-joining characterized using single DNA molecule analysis.
Öz R, Wang JL, Guerois R, Goyal G, Kk S, Ropars V, Sharma R, Koca F, Charbonnier JB, Modesti M, Strick TR, Westerlund F
Nucleic Acids Res. 2021 Feb 15.

Complex Response of the Chlorarachniophyte Bigelowiella natans to Iron Availability.
Kotabova E, Malych R, Pierella Karlusich JJ, Kazamia E, Eichner M, Mach J, Lesuisse E, Bowler C, Prášil O, Sutak R
mSystems. 2021 Feb 9. 6(1).

Parallel, linear, and subnanometric 3D tracking of microparticles with Stereo Darkfield Interferometry.
Rieu M, Vieille T, Radou G, Jeanneret R, Ruiz‑Gutierrez N, Ducos B, Allemand JF, Croquette V
Sci Adv. 2021 Feb. 7(6).

Parallel trends in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and retail/recreation and public transport mobility during non-lockdown periods.
Cazelles B, Comiskey C, Nguyen‑Van‑Yen B, Champagne C, Roche B
Int J Infect Dis. 2021 Feb 1. 104:693-695.

Reciprocal stabilization of glycine receptors and gephyrin scaffold proteins at inhibitory synapses.
Chapdelaine T, Hakim V, Triller A, Ranft J, Specht CG
Biophys J. 2021 Feb 2.

Genome-wide analysis of allele-specific expression of genes in the model diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum.
Hoguin A, Rastogi A, Bowler C, Tirichine L
Sci Rep. 2021 Feb 3. 11(1):2954.

A single-nucleotide change underlies the genetic assimilation of a plastic trait.
Vigne P, Gimond C, Ferrari C, Vielle A, Hallin J, Pino‑Querido A, El Mouridi S, Mignerot L, Frøkjær‑Jensen C, Boulin T, Teotónio H, Braendle C
Sci Adv. 2021 Feb. 7(6).

Genome wide natural variation of H3K27me3 selectively marks genes predicted to be important for cell differentiation in Phaeodactylum tricornutum.
Zhao X, Rastogi A, Deton Cabanillas AF, Ait Mohamed O, Cantrel C, Lombard B, Murik O, Genovesio A, Bowler C, Bouyer D, Loew D, Lin X, Veluchamy A, Vieira FRJ, Tirichine L
New Phytol. 2021 Mar. 229(6):3208-3220.

Detection of genetic variation and base modifications at base-pair resolution on both DNA and RNA.
Wang Z, Maluenda J, Giraut L, Vieille T, Lefevre A, Salthouse D, Radou G, Moulinas R, Astete S, D’Avezac P, Smith G, André C, Allemand JF, Bensimon D, Croquette V, Ouellet J, Hamilton G
Commun Biol. 2021 Jan 29. 4(1):128.

Density-dependent natural selection mediates harvest-induced trait changes.
Bouffet‑Halle A, Mériguet J, Carmignac D, Agostini S, Millot A, Perret S, Motard E, Decenciere B, Edeline E
Ecol Lett. 2021 Jan 28.

Learning-dependent plasticity in the antennal lobe improves discrimination and recognition of odors in the honeybee.
Marachlian E, Klappenbach M, Locatelli F
Cell Tissue Res. 2021 Jan. 383(1):165-175.

Dysregulation of the NRG1-ERBB pathway causes a developmental disorder with gastrointestinal dysmotility in humans.
Le TL, Galmiche L, Levy J, Suwannarat P, Hellebrekers DM, Morarach K, Boismoreau F, Theunissen TE, Lefebvre M, Pelet A, Martinovic J, Gelot A, Guimiot F, Calleroz A, Gitiaux C, Hully M, Goulet O, Chardot C, Drunat S, Capri Y, Bole‑Feysot C, Nitschke P, Whalen S, Mouthon L, Babcock HE, Hofstra R, de Coo IF, Tabet AC, Molina TJ, Keren B, Brooks AS, Smeets HJ, Marklund U, Gordon CT, Lyonnet S, Amiel J, Bondurand N
J Clin Invest. 2021 Jan 26.

Aggregative cycles evolve as a solution to conflicts in social investment.
Miele L, De Monte S
PLoS Comput Biol. 2021 Jan. 17(1):e1008617.

The Arabidopsis active demethylase ROS1 cis-regulates defence genes by erasing DNA methylation at promoter-regulatory regions.
Halter T, Wang J, Amesefe D, Lastrucci E, Charvin M, Singla Rastogi M, Navarro L
Elife. 2021 Jan 20. 10.

Male fertility in Arabidopsis requires active DNA demethylation of genes that control pollen tube function.
Khouider S, Borges F, LeBlanc C, Ungru A, Schnittger A, Martienssen R, Colot V, Bouyer D
Nat Commun. 2021 Jan 18. 12(1):410.

Polycomb mutant partially suppresses DNA hypomethylation-associated phenotypes in Arabidopsis.
Rougée M, Quadrana L, Zervudacki J, Hure V, Colot V, Navarro L, Deleris A
Life Sci Alliance. 2021 Feb. 4(2).

Large, Stable Spikes Exhibit Differential Broadening in Excitatory and Inhibitory Neocortical Boutons.
Ritzau‑Jost A, Tsintsadze T, Krueger M, Ader J, Bechmann I, Eilers J, Barbour B, Smith SM, Hallermann S
Cell Rep. 2021 Jan 12. 34(2):108612.

Connecting high-throughput biodiversity inventories : Opportunities for a site-based genomic framework for global integration and synthesis.
Arribas P, Andújar C, Bidartondo MI, Bohmann K, Coissac É, Creer S, deWaard JR, Elbrecht V, Ficetola GF, Goberna M, Kennedy S, Krehenwinkel H, Leese F, Novotny V, Ronquist F, Yu DW, Zinger L, Creedy TJ, Meramveliotakis E, Noguerales V, Overcast I, Morlon H, Vogler AP, Papadopoulou A, Emerson BC
Mol Ecol. 2021 Mar. 30(5):1120-1135.

Phylogenomic fingerprinting of tempo and functions of horizontal gene transfer within ochrophytes.
Dorrell RG, Villain A, Perez‑Lamarque B, Audren de Kerdrel G, McCallum G, Watson AK, Ait‑Mohamed O, Alberti A, Corre E, Frischkorn KR, Pierella Karlusich JJ, Pelletier E, Morlon H, Bowler C, Blanc G
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2021 Jan 26. 118(4).

The Tumor Microenvironment Impairs Th1 IFNγ Secretion Through Alternative Splicing Modifications of Irf1 Pre-mRNA.
Bernard A, Hibos C, Richard C, Viltard E, Chevrier S, Lemoine S, Melin J, Humblin E, Mary R, Accogli T, Chalmin F, Bruchard M, Peixoto P, Hervouet E, Apetoh L, Ghiringhelli F, Végran F, Boidot R
Cancer Immunol Res. 2021 Jan 8.

Benchmarking joint multi-omics dimensionality reduction approaches for the study of cancer.
Cantini L, Zakeri P, Hernandez C, Naldi A, Thieffry D, Remy E, Baudot A
Nat Commun. 2021 Jan 5. 12(1):124.

Mechanism of efficient double-strand break repair by a long non-coding RNA.
Thapar R, Wang JL, Hammel M, Ye R, Liang K, Sun C, Hnizda A, Liang S, Maw SS, Lee L, Villarreal H, Forrester I, Fang S, Tsai MS, Blundell TL, Davis AJ, Lin C, Lees‑Miller SP, Strick TR, Tainer JA
Nucleic Acids Res. 2021 Jan 25. 49(2):1199-1200.

Evolutionary Plasticity of Mating-Type Determination Mechanisms in Paramecium aurelia Sibling Species.
Sawka‑Gądek N, Potekhin A, Singh DP, Grevtseva I, Arnaiz O, Penel S, Sperling L, Tarcz S, Duret L, Nekrasova I, Meyer E
Genome Biol Evol. 2021 Feb 3. 13(2).

Deciphering and modelling the TGF-β signalling interplays specifying the dorsal-ventral axis of the sea urchin embryo.
Floc’hlay S, Molina MD, Hernandez C, Haillot E, Thomas‑Chollier M, Lepage T, Thieffry D
Development. 2021 Jan 20. 148(2).

Validated MAGIC and GWAS population mapping reveals the link between vitamin E content and natural variation in chorismate metabolism in tomato.
Burgos E, Belen De Luca M, Diouf I, de Haro LA, Albert E, Sauvage C, Tao ZJ, Bermudez L, Asís R, Nesi AN, Matringe M, Bréhélin C, Guiraud T, Ferrand C, Atienza I, Jorly J, Mauxion JP, Baldet P, Fernie AR, Quadrana L, Rothan C, Causse M, Carrari F
Plant J. 2021 Feb. 105(4):907-923.

Sharing and reporting benefits from biodiversity research.
Marden E, Abbott RJ, Austerlitz F, Ortiz‑Barrientos D, Baucom RS, Bongaerts P, Bonin A, Bonneaud C, Browne L, Alex Buerkle C, Caicedo AL, Coltman DW, Cruzan MB, Davison A, DeWoody JA, Dumbrell AJ, Emerson BC, Fountain‑Jones NM, Gillespie R, Giraud T, Hansen MM, Hodgins KA, Heuertz M, Hirase S, Hooper R, Hohenlohe P, Kane NC, Kelley JL, Kinziger AP, McKenzie VJ, Moreau CS, Nazareno AG, Pelletier TA, Pemberton JM, Qu Y, Renaut S, Riginos C, Rodríguez‑Ezpeleta N, Rogers SM, Russell JA, Schoville SD, Shi S, Smith M, Sork VL, Stone GN, Taberlet P, Videvall E, Waits L, Warschefsky E, Wayne RK, Whibley A, Willoughby J, Yoder JB, Zinger L, Sibbett B, Narum S, Rieseberg LH
Mol Ecol. 2021 Mar. 30(5):1103-1107.

Global functional and phylogenetic structure of avian assemblages across elevation and latitude.
Jarzyna MA, Quintero I, Jetz W
Ecol Lett. 2021 Feb. 24(2):196-207.

Type 2 diabetes is associated with impaired jejunal enteroendocrine GLP-1 cell lineage in human obesity.
Osinski C, Le Gléau L, Poitou C, de Toro‑Martin J, Genser L, Fradet M, Soula HA, Leturque A, Blugeon C, Jourdren L, Hubert EL, Clément K, Serradas P, Ribeiro A
Int J Obes (Lond). 2021 Jan. 45(1):170-183.

Frequency of mispackaging of Prochlorococcus DNA by cyanophage.
Laurenceau R, Raho N, Forget M, Arellano AA, Chisholm SW
ISME J. 2021 Jan. 15(1):129-140.

Multifaceted activities of the plant SAGA complex.
Grasser KD, Rubio V, Barneche F
Biochim Biophys Acta Gene Regul Mech. 2021 Feb. 1864(2):194613.

Microglia modulate gliotransmission through the regulation of VAMP2 proteins in astrocytes.
Takata‑Tsuji F, Chounlamountri N, Do LD, Philippot C, Novion Ducassou J, Couté Y, Ben Achour S, Honnorat J, Place C, Pascual O
Glia. 2021 Jan. 69(1):61-72.