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Complex genetic patterns and distribution limits mediated by native congeners of the worldwide invasive red-eared slider turtle.
Espindola S, Vázquez‑Domínguez E, Nakamura M, Osorio‑Olvera L, Martínez‑Meyer E, Myers EA, Overcast I, Reid BN, Burbrink FT
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The chloroplast redox-responsive transcriptome of solanaceous plants reveals significant nuclear gene regulatory motifs associated to stress acclimation.
Arce RC, Carrillo N, Pierella Karlusich JJ
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The CLASSY family controls tissue-specific DNA methylation patterns in Arabidopsis.
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The possible fates of Fragilariopsis cylindrus (polar diatom) cells exposed to prolonged darkness.
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J Phycol. 2022 Jan 6.

Fast optical recording of neuronal activity by three-dimensional custom-access serial holography.
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Environmental control of marine phytoplankton stoichiometry in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Sauterey B, Ward BA
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Discovery of a genetic module essential for assigning left-right asymmetry in humans and ancestral vertebrates.
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Genomicus in 2022 : comparative tools for thousands of genomes and reconstructed ancestors.
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Hepatitis C virus core protein uses triacylglycerols to fold onto the endoplasmic reticulum membrane.
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Positive allosteric modulation of NMDA receptors : mechanisms, physiological impact and therapeutic potential.
Geoffroy C, Paoletti P, Mony L
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