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Membres de l’équipe

(The group in 2016. From left to right : Walther Akemann, Gérard Paresys, Cathie Ventalon, Jean-François Léger, Laurent Bourdieu, Clara Dussaux, Xinhe Liu and Jozsua Fodor)

Anthony Lourdiane (PhD Student)
Baptiste Blochet (PhD Student, co-supervised by Sylvain Gigan at the Physics Department of ENS)
Cathie Ventalon (Researcher - CR CNRS)
Clara Bardin (PhD Student)
Clara Dussaux (PhD Student)
Jean-François Léger (Researcher - D[R CNRS)
Jeffrey Boucher (M2 Student, co-supervised by Yves Boubenec at the Cognitive Department of ENS)
Jozsua Fodor (Engineer - ENS)
Laurent Bourdieu (Researcher - DR CNRS- Team leader)
Ombeline Hoa (Post-doc, in collaboration with Michaël Zugaro team at Collège de France)
Sébastien Wolf (Post-doc, in collaboration with Rémi Monasson and Simona Cocco at the Physics Department of ENS)
Sophie Hubatz (PhD Student, in collaboration with Isabelle Ferezou at UNIC)
Walther Akemann (Researcher - ENS)
Xinhe Liu (PostDoc)

Past Members

Gérard Paresys (Engineer - IE CNRS, retired in 2018)
Jinyu Wang (Post-doc, 2015)
Julien Bertherat (PhD 2012)
Jonas Binding (PhD, 2012)
Luc Estebanez (PhD 2011)
Juliette Benarous (Post-doc, 2010)
Adela Mateffyova (Post-doc, 2010)
Sreng Truong (PhD, 2009)
Yves Kremer (PhD, 2008)