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Auguste Genovesio

Computational Bioimaging
and Bioinformatics

This team is part of the Computational Biology Center.

The research project of our team is the study of cellular morphology and dynamics at large scale. We are interested in characterizing the morphological heterogeneity of cellular responses to perturbations. We thus work to identify mechanical or molecular factors of cell morphology, organization and activity in different contexts. In this perspective, we contribute to generate large data sets of images or gene expression. On the other hand, we interpret these large data sets to produce and validate predictive models. As the scale of the data produced this way constrains us to full automation and quantitative approaches, we develop algorithms and tools for the analysis of large image data. The members of our team bring together a wide range of expertise such as computer science, applied mathematics, biophysics and genomic analysis. We apply our approaches to scientific questions we raise such as understanding the action of small compounds with the support of our collaborators from the Curie Institute next door and the pharmaceutical industry. We also develop approaches dedicated to fundamental biology research through a strong interaction with our colleagues at IBENS, Collège de France and ESPCI in various subfields such as functional genomics, developmental biology and neuroscience.

Recent selected publications

Active Fluctuations of the Nuclear Envelope Shape the Transcriptional Dynamics in Oocytes
M Almonacid, A Al Jord, S El-Hayek, A Othmani, F Coulpier, S Lemoine, K Miyamoto, R Grosse, C Klein, T Piolot, P Mailly, R Voituriez, A Genovesio, M-H Verlhac
2019, Developmental Cell,

ALFA: annotation landscape for aligned reads
M Bahin*, B F Noel*, V Murigneux, C Bernard, L Bastianelli, H Le Hir, A Lebreton, A Genovesio
2019, BMC Genomics,

Monitored eCLIP: high accuracy mapping of RNA-protein interactions
R Hocq*, J Paternina*, Q Alasseur, A Genovesio, H Le Hir
2018, Nucleic Acid Research,

High‐Throughput Optical Mapping of Replicating DNA
F De Carli*, N Menezes*, W Berrabah, V Barbe, A Genovesio, O Hyrien
2018, Small Methods,

Compound Functional Prediction Using Multiple Unrelated Morphological Profiling Assays
F Rose*, S Basu*, E Rexhepaj, A Chauchereau, E Del Nery, A Genovesio
2017, SLAS Technology

Smooth 2D manifold extraction from 3D image stack
A Shihavuddin*, S Basu*, E Rexhepaj, F Delestro, N Menezes, SM Sigoillot, E Del Nery, F Selimi, N Spassky, A Genovesio
2017, Nature Communications

Detection and tracking of overlapping cell nuclei for large scale mitosis analyses
Y Li*, F Rose*, F di Pietro, X Morin, A Genovesio
2016, BMC bioinformatics

From cell images to information
From cell images to information