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Auguste Genovesio - équipe en émergence

Computational biology

The research project of our team consist of studying cellular morphology and dynamic at large scale. We design algorithms and tools for the analysis of images and large data with applications in functional genomics, developmental biology, neuroscience and drug discovery.

Following the increase of size and complexity of data in life science, we focus on the development of dedicated methods to analyze ever new types of data (high throughput imaging, next generation sequencing, real time PCR, …). We also aim at laying some of the foundations of the fusion of those heterogeneous data.

Currently, we are particularly interested in the analysis of large datasets of images coming from High content screens and the analysis of novel applications of next generation sequencing. The automation of the creation and the acquisition of a high number of microscopy experiments generates large amount of images (˜200.000) each containing a large number of cell or sub cellular objects (˜100 million). We develop methods to extract those objects (neuron, 3D vesicles, ..) represent them under the form of a vector of features (˜500). These sets of vectors form large matrices rich in content. We aim at exploring those data in order to extract the subtle morphological impacts of a large number of conditions on a given biological system.

We also work on the research of methods to quantify large cellular tissue samples and large image data-set including the third spatial dimension and the time.

From cell images to information
From cell images to information