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List of publications

Publication summary :
Publication summary :
- 3 non-peer reviewed publications (ArXiv)
- 25 submitted or written manuscripts
- 31 meeting reports (>2007).
- 198 peer reviewed : 155 research publications. 15 reviews. 29 chapters/comments/
- 3 books published by Springer.
- 2 Patents
- 2 books in preparation.

Field covered : Data modeling, Biophysics, Diffusion, Stochastic Processes, Simulations of Cellular Processes, Multiscale Modeling, Predictive Medicine.
- Passage time analysis, Narrow Escape Theory, Statistical Biophysics, Extreme Statistics, Computational Biology and Neurobiology, Electro-diffusion Theory, Phototransduction, Sub-cellular trafficking, trafficking in endoplasmic reticulum, diffusion on graphs
- statistics of single particle trajectories, potential well theory in cell biology
- Voltage dye deconvolution, Burst-synchronization, Up-Down state dynamics, neuronal networks, statistical medicine, EEG classification, anesthesia, predictive methods for coma, Integrative Cellular and Molecular Biology,
- Applied Mathematics, Asymptotic of Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Neuroscience, conformal mapping. Nonlinear PDEs.
- Synaptic transmission, neuron-glia interaction, calcium signaling, organelle interaction.
- Physical biology, physical virology, modeling early step of influenza and AAV infection.
- Morphogenetic gradients, theory of neuron migration, triangulation of a source from diffusing fluxes,
- Nucleus organization, polymer models in genetics, chromatin reconstruction, HiC data analysis. Transcription factor search time, DNA breaks. Analysis of single trajectories, theory of remodelers.


1-. Floyrac, A. Doumergue, N. Kubis, D. Holcman, Outil prédictif de la sortie du coma des patients après arrêt cardio-respiratoire, 62/55/133PSL.
2-. J. Cartailler, P. Parutto, D. Holcman, Outil de prediction de Burst suppresion a partir des onde alpha de l’EEG, PSL.

List of publications

Published in ArXiv only.

3- D. Holcman N.Hoze, Z. Schuss, Analysis of single particle trajectories : when things go wrong, arXiv:1502.00286, 2015.
2- N.Hoze, D. Holcman, Potential wells for AMPA receptors organized in ring nanodomains, ArXiv q-bio > arXiv:1309.3436
1- D. Holcman, The Complexity of Synaptic Transmission Revealed by a Multiscale Analysis Approach From The Molecular to The Cellular Level, Correspondence, Quantitative Biology, arXiv:1202.2034v1, 2012

Books and Monographs
1- D. Holcman Z. Schuss Stochastic Narrow Escape in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Monographs, Springer 260 p 2015.

2- D. Holcman, Stochastic Processes, Multiscale Modeling, and Numerical Methods for Computational Cellular Biology (Springer), 2017.

3- D. Holcman, Z. Schuss, Asymptotics of Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs and their Applications in Statistical Physics, Computational Neuroscience, and Biophysics, Applied mathematics Series, Springer, 2018.

Book chapters and Commentaries, View points, Opinions
28- I. Sokolov, D. Holcman, Editors of a special series about extreme statistics in biology, Euro. Phys B 2020.
27- J Cartailler, J Reingruber, D. Holcman, Théorie du petit trou et ses applications en biologie—>archives-ouverte
26- D. Holcman, Qu’est-ce qui définit les temps courts et longs en biologie : une histoire de forme, de mouvement et de petits trous Archives-ouvertes
25-DS Grebenkov, D Holcman, R Metzler, Preface : new trends in first-passage methods and applications in the life sciences and engineering - Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, 2020
24- D. Holcman, Paris - Optimiser le transport des hommes et des marchandises, un bien-être pour tous,, Mediapart 2019
23-J. Cartailler D. Holcman, Electro-diffusion approach to map the voltage distribution in dendritic spines at a nanometer scale Neuron, comment 2019.
22- D. Holcman, Et si une recherche justement financée permettait de payer moins d’impôts ? Mediapart 2019,
21-D. Holcman R.Yuste, Reply to ‘Only negligible deviations from electroneutrality are expected in dendritic spines’, Nature Review Neuroscience, 2019.
20-K. Basnayake D. Holcman, Fastest among equals : a novel paradigm in biology Reply to comments : Redundancy principle and the role of extreme statistics in molecular and cellular biology, Physics of Life Reviews 2019.
19- D. Holcman, Big data et cerveau : la neurobiologie computationnelle, De nouveaux outils de modélisation pour la neurobiologie, 2018
18-A. Amitai D. Holcman, Methods for analyzing single particle trajectories in the nucleus, 2018.
17- C. Guerrier, D. Holcman, Calcium dynamics in nanodomains to trigger vesicular release at neuronal synapses revealed by computational modeling, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2018.
16-A. Amitai D. Holcman,Analysis of Chromatin Dynamics and Search Processes in the Nucleus, in Modeling the 3D Conformation of Genomes, 177, 2019.
15-D. Holcman, Comment l’économie High Tech peut émerger sans refondre le système universitaire, mediapart 2018
14- J. Reingruber, and D. Holcman. "Modeling and Stochastic Analysis of the Single Photon Response. Stochastic Processes, Multiscale Modeling, and Numerical Methods for Computational Cellular Biology. Springer, Cham, 2017. 315-348.

PDF - 2 Mo

13- N. Hoze D. Holcman, Coagulation-fragmentation with a finite number of particles : models, stochastic analysis and applications to telomere clustering and viral capsid assembly, review chapter, Springer 2017.

PDF - 3.1 Mo

12- D. Holcman,La nouvelle physique mathématique en biologie, Gazette des Mathematiques(in French) n°147, Janvier 2016.
11- D. Holcman Z. Schuss, New mathematics and physics in life sciences and medicine, Physics Today 69 (1), 10 (2016).
10- N. Rouach, D Holcman, Modeling neuron-glia interactions (invited chapter) Springer.
9- K. Reynaud, Z Schuss, N Rouach, D Holcman, Why so many sperm cells ? Communicative & Integrative Biology:3, e1017156 ; 2015.
8- D. Holcman R. Yuste, The new nanophysiology : Towards nanophysiology : Regulation of ionic flow in neuronal subcompartments, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 16 (11), 685-692, 2015.

PDF - 3.4 Mo

7- D. Holcman, Multiscale modeling, stochastic and asymptotic approaches for analyzing neural networks based on synaptic dynamics, ESAIM : Proceedings and Surveys 47, 36-54 2015.
6- D. Holcman, Review on the book ”Nonlinear Filtering and Optimal phase tracking” by Zeev Schuss, SIAM Review 56 (2014), no. 2, 213–257.
5- D. Holcman, Unraveling novel features hidden in superresolution microscopy data, Perspective, Communicative & Integrative Biology, 1 ;6(3):e23893. 2013
4- C. Guerrier, E. Korkotian, D. Holcman Calcium dynamics in Microdomains : From mathematical modeling to data analysis, Encyclopedia Computational Neurobiology, Springer 2014, pp 1-37
3-D. Holcman I. Kupka, Some open questions in computational biology ; J. Fixed Point Theory Appl, contribution in the Honor of S. Smale (2010), 7 : 1 p.67-83.
2- D. Holcman, C’était mon patron, (in French) Gazette des Mathématiciens, 121, 2009
1-D. Holcman, Computational challenges in synaptic transmission, AMS Contemporary Mathematics (CONM) book series : Proceedings of the Conference on Imaging Microstructures : Mathematical and Computational Challenges, Contemporary Mathematics, 494, p:1-26 (2009).


16-U. Dobrasmyl, D. Holcman, Computational methods and emerging principles for triangulation sensing, Submitted 2020 ArXiv
15-M. Heine, D. Holcman, Nature and role of transient nanodomains in neurons underlying communication and network dynamics, Trends in Neuroscience, 2020.

PDF - 2.4 Mo

14-O. Shukron, A. Amitai, A Seeber, D. Holcman,Advances in SPTs of single locus for chromatin reconstruction, Trends in Genetics, 2019.

PDF - 5.5 Mo

13- Z. Schuss, K.Basnayake, D. Holcman,Redundancy principle for optimal random search in biology Physics of Live Science Review, 2019.
12- N Rouach, KD Duc, J Sibille, D. Holcman, ionic fluxes regulated neurons and astrocytes.Dynamics of ion fluxes between neurons, astrocytes and the extracellular space during neurotransmission, Opera Medica et Physiologica 4 (1), 1-18, 2018.PDF
11- D. Holcman Z. Schuss, 100 years after Smoluchowski : stochastic processes in cell biology, J. Phys. A (2016).

PDF - 3 Mo

10- D. Holcman N.Hoze, Statistical methods of short super-resolution stochastic single trajectories analysis, Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application, 4, 1-35 (2017).
9- D. Holcman N.Hoze, Z. Schuss, Analysis and Interpretation of Superresolution Single-Particle Trajectories, Biophysical Journal, 109 (9), 1761-1771 (2015).
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7-A. Amitai D. Holcman, Polymer physics of Single particle trajectories in the nucleus organization, Physics Report, 678, 1–83 (2017).
6-J. Reingruber D. Holcman, Computational and mathematical methods for morphogenetic gradient analysis, boundary formation and axonal targeting, Seminars in cell & developmental biology 35, 189-202 (2014).
5- D. Holcman Z. Schuss, the Narrow Escape Problem, SIAM Rev 56 no. 2, 213–257 2014.
4- Z. Schuss D. Holcman, Time scales of Diffusion for Molecular and Cellular processes, J.Phys A : Mathematical and Theoretical 47 (17), 173001 (2014).
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2- C. Giaume, A. Koulakoff, L. Roux, D. Holcman and N. Rouach, Astroglial connexin-mediated networks:a step further in neuroglial interactions, Nat Rev Neuroscience, 2010 ; 11(2):87-99.
1- T. Lagache, E. Dauty, D. Holcman, Physical principles and models describing intracellular virus particle dynamics, Current Opinion in Microbiology ;12(4):439-45 (2009).

Publications published or in press

155 L. Zonca D. Holcman, Noise-induced shift of the equilibrium and recurrent exit patterns in two-dimensional dynamical systems, (submitted) 2020.
154 L. Zonca D. Holcman, Modeling bursting in neuronal networks using facilitation-depression and afterhyperpolarization, (to appear) Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 2020.
153-Basnayake, D. Mazaud N. Rouach, E. Korkotian D. Holcman. Nanometric organization and flux entries controls diffusing calcium safe replenishment in the endoplasmic reticulum of dendritic spines, submitted 2020.
152- J Reingruber, A Papale, D Holcman, Monitoring and predicting SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in France after deconfinement using a multiscale age-dependent rate model, medrxiv 2020,
151-A. Papale D. Holcman. Chromatin memory generated by cohesin-like interaction at looping sites, BioRxiv, 2020.
150- A Tricot, IM Sokolov, D Holcman, Voltage distribution in a non-locally but globally electroneutral confined electrolyte medium : applications for nanophysiology, arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.11147
149- L. Meng et al, The structure and global distribution of the endoplasmic reticulum network is actively regulated by lysosomes, Sc. Adv 2020 (to appear).
148-K Basnayake, D Holcman, Extreme escape from a cusp : When does geometry matter for the fastest Brownian particles moving in crowded cellular environments ?
The Journal of Chemical Physics 152 (13), 134104
147- L. Zonca D. Holcman, Analysis of bursting dynamics in a modified
facilitation-depression model accounting for

146-U. Dobramysl D. Holcman, Hybrid simulation in three simulation for the external narrow escape problem, ArXiv and submitted.
145-U. Dobramysl D. Holcman, Triangulation sensing, PRL 2020.
144- E. Crozat, C. Tardin, M. Salhi, P. Rousseau, A. Lablaine, T. Bertoni, D. Holcman, B. Sclavi, P. Cicuta, F. Cornet, Post-replicative pairing of sister ter regions in Escherichia coli involves multiple activities of MatP, Nat Comm, 2019. BioRxiv
143- A. Floryac, A. Doumergue N. Kubis, D. Holcman, Predictive analysis of exit from anoxic coma, . BioRxiv
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141- A. Amitai, O. Shukron, A. Seeber, D. Holcman, Consequences of chromatin interaction removal and local reorganization during homologous search in the cell nucleus (submitted). BioRxiv
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139- M. Toulouze, A.Amitai, O. Shukron, D. Holcman*, K. Dubrana*, Heterogeneous organization of the chromatin revealed in the analysis of SPTs (submitted). *equal cont. BioRxiv
138- M. Dora, D. Holcman, Active unidirectional network flow generates molecular transport in packets, Roc Soc B, 2020. ArXiv

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134-P. J. Heck, P. Parutto, A. Ciuraszkiewicz, A. Bikbaev, R. Freund, M. Alonso, A.
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