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April 2020 : Two articles—in french—about time scales in biology and modeling cell biological processes :

D. Holcman, "Qu’est-ce qui définit les temps courts et longs en biologie : une histoire de forme, de mouvement et de petits trous", Pre-print, 2020.

PDF - 1.2 Mo

J. Cartailler, J. Reingruber and D. Holcman*, Théorie du petit trou et ses applications en biologie, Pre-print, 2020.

PDF - 1.3 Mo

Is it true that funding more fairly research would lead to decreasing taxes ?
Article published in Mediapart.

Novel indicators to measure researcher’s productivity, leadership, efficiency, ability to supervise students,etc ...

-How to design optimal transport in Paris—> Article published in Mediapart 2019

-Answer 2 to a fictional review-blog about electro-diffusion

PDF - 706.6 ko

-Answer 1 to a fictional review-blog about electro-diffusion

PDF - 453.5 ko

- Comment la nouvelle économie de haute technologie peut-elle émerger sans refondre le système universitaire et scolaire ? Dec 2017 :

PDF - 191.2 ko

- Interdsciplinary program : PhD 2014 : The new interdisciplinary science between Mathematics, Physics and Engineering for Biology requies a new organization.

PDF - 45.7 ko

- Research in progress (2008) : What Europena Research council (ERC) represents for us (researchers) ?

PDF - 155.5 ko
Word - 46 ko

- Experimentalists meet theoreticians at the Weizmann Institute of Science (2007) : the need for a common language.

PDF - 72.4 ko

- What an ERC-SG represents for us (2008) : speech given at the occasion of ERC meeting at the College de France, Paris

- Need for a center in Computational Biology in Paris (2010) : description of a new direction of research and how it should be promoted.

- Manifesta for Computational biology (2005)

PDF - 1.3 Mo