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I am a newly recruited CNRS Research Scientist (Chargé de Recherches) at IBENS, specialized in multi-omics data integration in cancer.

My primary research interests are in the field of cancer systems biology. I obtained my BS and MS in applied mathematics from the University of Florence. Interested in cancer complexity and wishful to work on real patient-derived data, I pursued a PhD in Systems Biology at the University of Turin, at the interface between different disciplines: oncology, physics and computer science. During my PhD I moved for 6 months to Aalto University (Finland) to acquire all the competences to apply the multiplex framework in biology for multi-omics data integration. In January 2016, I joined the Cancer Computational and Systems Biology group at Institut Curie as a postdoc.

The cell, as a biological system, is regulated at multiple levels, which can be measured by various omic assays (transcriptome, methylome, proteome). The different omics data contain complementary information about the cell, they are interdependent and they cooperate in the definition of the cell phenotype. For example gene expression is influenced by copy number variations and promoter DNA methylations. Recent technological advances have enabled us to measure the complex cellular processes at multiple molecular levels. The current major bottleneck is the translation of the vast amount of available data into actionable knowledge about the cell and its deregulation toward disease.

During my career, I’ve always been focusing on methodological and algorithmic developments aimed at jointly analyzing multi-omic data and on the application of these computational approaches to untangle cancer’s complexity and reveal the fundamental processes that drive this disease with the ultimate aim of finding better treatments.