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Positions available

October 15 2019 :

Positions available !! NEW !!

Few postdoc positions are now available in

1-Electrodiffusion-Analysis-simulations of nanocompartment (Applied mathematics/physics)
2-Analysis of EEG-simulations network (Applied math./computer-science)
3-Analysis of trajectories

Master positions

1-EEG analysis (Computer science/applied math/physics).
2-Building an operational web platform to analyze EEG (Computer science/applied math/physics).
3-Real time EEG analysis during surgery (Computer science/applied math/physics).
4-Simulation and analysis of Electro-diffusion in neurons.
5-Analysis of super-resolution trajectories.

SEND YOUR CV before Deadline November 15 2019
david.holcman attt

Jan 2019 : FILLED
Position available !! URGENT !!
SEND YOUR CV before Deadline Jan 31 2019

The group of D. Holcman (ENS) dedicated to Applied Mathematics and Computational biology offers a postdoc. Fields covered are , modeling polymer, simulation, analysis, chromatin and data analysis.

Title : Analysis, modeling and simulations to reconstruct the cell nucleus organization and the chromatin dynamics from HiC data of cancer cells.

Project :

We recently developed several new methods to reconstruct the chromatin organization from large contact map matrices, using coarse-graining and stochastic polymer models. Our goal is now to develop models of chromatin and representation to study changes of chromatin under stress conditions or across a developing tissue, including immune and cancer cells.

The goal of this postdoc is to develop polymer model, simulations, data in collaboration with experimental groups.

Project is in Collaboration with Daan Noordermeer (Orsay).

Some Refs.
- A.Amitai, D. Holcman, Encounter time of two chromatin loci is governed by polymer de-condensation and modification of local interactions, submitted Phys. Rev.E ;97(3-1):032417. doi : 10.1103/PhysRevE.97.032417. 2018.

- O. Shukron D. Holcman, Polymer model reconstruction from chromosomal capture data and stochastic simulations of transient encounters, PLoS Comput Biol 13 (4), e1005469 2017.

- Shukron M. Hauer, D. Holcman, First passage time statistics in two locus chromatin single trajectories, Scientific Report, 2017.

- A Amitai, D Holcman, Polymer physics of nuclear organization and function Physics Reports 678, 1-83 (2017).

- O. Shukron, V.Piras, D Noorderdaam, D. Holcman, Statistics of cross-linked chromatin organization during cell differentiation reconstructed by heterogeneous polymer models (revision) Nat. Comm 2018.

Duration : at least 2-3 years.

Candidate : The candidate for this position is expected to be strongly motivated by mathematical/physical and biological sciences. He/she should have a background in applied mathematics/stat phys/theoretical physics or compt. biology. The candidate should be passionate by her/his research. Students are encouraged to write publications.

Contact information :

David Holcman,

46, rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris, France

Email : david.holcman chez

webpage :